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Serving Houston Residents for Over 20 Years

Texas Medical Supply provides medical equipment repair services throughout Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We have been Houston’s premier medical supply company for more than two decades. Our locally-owned and -operated company is a staple in the community. We dutifully provide various medical equipment supplies and customized solutions for individuals in need.

Wheelchairs in Houston, TX

Premier Medical Equipment Repair Service

At Texas Medical Supply, we strive to be Houston’s sole source for medical supplies and equipment. And to further our commitment to the area, we’re glad to offer our customers repair services on all the equipment we offer. We provide products that are made to last, but with frequent use comes inevitable wear and tear. Not to worry! Our team can provide prompt and reliable repairs for our medical supplies and products. Learn more about our equipment repair services and how we can provide the medical supplies and repairs needed to improve your overall quality of life.

Prompt Repairs by A Team You Can Trust

When something goes awry with your medical equipment, you need solutions fast. That’s why our repair team is always at the ready to cater to any medical supplies malfunctions you happen to be dealing with at the moment. We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers, so we always have the parts we need to perform any repairs on our medical equipment.

We feel our responsibility is to take care of our customers even after they buy or rent their medical equipment through us. Our seasoned team has years of experience performing maintenance and repairs on numerous medical products. We have the skills to help you in your time of need. Better yet, you can get all the medical supplies solutions you need under one roof. With that convenience, don’t entrust your repair needs to any other team.

Why Choose Texas Medical Supply?

In addition to prompt medical equipment repair, Texas Medical Supply offers a wide range of additional services, including medical equipment rental, medical equipment delivery, and medical equipment assembly. We believe that our customers deserve to live without limitations, and we do everything we can to ensure that happens. It is our goal to help improve your quality of life. Whether you need a wheelchair or scooter, or the medical equipment you already own repaired, we can help.

Contact Us Today for Medical Equipment Services

We understand that you don’t have the time to wait on repairs for your valuable medical supplies and equipment. No matter the scope of your needed repairs, we have a wide range of replacement parts in stock and ready to go, so you don’t have to put your life on hold waiting for the solutions you need. Whether it’s a replacement wheel or armrest for your wheelchair, a new battery or headrest for your electric scooter, hospital bed remote controls repairs, or something else, Texas Medical Supply has the repair services you need. Contact us today for efficient medical equipment repair services.

Need A Wheelchair or Scooter? Rent One Today!